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Job Offers

Foreign Trade Clerk

Job responsibilities

1. Responsible for potential customer development and pre-sales preparation;

2. Alibaba International Station and other platforms for the maintenance and use;

3. Customer development and follow-up;

4. Responsible for customer contact and business negotiation;

5. Responsible for coordinating the production of the product transfer, quality supervision and transport of goods;

6. Is responsible for customer maintenance and after-sales service work;

7. Other tasks assigned by the superior.

Specific requirements

1. College education, trade, marketing and other professional priority;

2. With English listening, speaking, reading and writing ability, CET4 and above;

3. Strong communication and maintenance skills

4. Cheerful, active, team spirit.

Domestic salesman

Job responsibilities

1. Develop customers, maintain a good customer relationship;

2. According to plan, regular visits to customers, regular visits;

3. Responsible for exhibitors and all development activities;

4. Responsible for signing sales contracts with customers, supervise the normal performance of the contract, and reminder owed accounts receivable;

5. The problems encountered in the sale of customers in a timely and positive solution;

6. Familiar with the company's products and indicators.

Specific requirements

1. Hard-working, strong sense of responsibility, strong learning ability and teamwork;

2. With strong customer communication skills and high business processing capabilities;

3. Integrity, can withstand a certain amount of work pressure;

4. There is a strong interpersonal and negotiation skills.

Mechanical Engineers

Job responsibilities

1. According to customer requirements for equipment development, design, improvement and improvement;

2. Responsible for the follow-up project processing drawings, assembly drawing production;

3. Responsible for the processing of parts;

4. Responsible for the equipment responsible for their own tooling, fixture design;

5. Together with the electrical designer to complete the design of the machine.

Specific requirements

1. Mechanical manufacturing, college and above;

2. Engaged in automation equipment, mechanical design more than 2 years; have the ability to independently complete the project development and design;

3. Familiar with the mechanical principle, a solid foundation of mechanical knowledge;

4. Proficiency in computer-aided design; Familiar with CAD, Slidworks or other 3D software design;

5. Serious and responsible work, rigorous and meticulous, have a good spirit of innovation and teamwork;

6. With automation experience and equipment experience is preferred.

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