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Industrial legacy and modern art sparked sparks
2017-12-29 10:19:35

In Old Guiyang's memory, the old life span was also closely related to industry. Many of these memories came from the "three-lane construction." From 1964 to 1978, China undertook ambitious industrial, scientific and technological, national defense and transport infrastructure in the central and western regions. The major strategic shift and adjustment of the national productive forces have greatly changed the industrial layout in Guizhou.

  Half a century has passed, once the brilliant factory gradually withdraw from the stage of history, the remains of the third-line construction sites, factory warehouses, machinery and equipment, a memory of the old, has become a living tourism resources. Recently, the National Tourism Administration proposed that by 2020, China will cultivate 100 national industrial tourism demonstration bases and national industrial heritage tourism bases.

  Guiyang's industrial heritage tourism development? Recently, reporter visited Guiyang City, two industrial heritage park found that industrial remains from the third line of construction, is a Be a group of artists, entrepreneurs retained in another way, as a unique city memories.

  Years of golden machine roar still in the ear side

  December 20, the warm winter sun reflects Guiyang, Huaxi Banqiao art village staff busy.

  A few staff members draw cartoon cows and cats on a one-for-one basis; a few hundred meters away, white, blue roofs and a used old ship are refurbished under the influence of several artists to become a Small landscape. "In the past few days, the sun is large, facilities and works are easily colored after they are painted in color. Everyone is grabbing the sun for work," said Sun Yiyun, a staff member of the art village management committee.

  Located in the middle of Tianyuan South Road, Huaxi District, Banqiao Art Village belongs to Guizhou Huagong Tools Injection Co., Ltd. The predecessor of the laborers was the state-owned enterprises built in the mid-1960s when Tianjin and Shanghai supported the "third line" of Guizhou. With the social development and progress, some of the old industrial plants and land are idle during the reform and restructuring of the old state-owned enterprises. In order to activate these "resources", in 2016, Huagong Company opened the Banqiao Art Village.

  Build more than a year to build, so that an area of 170 acres of Banqiao Art Village has a scale. Standing at a height from the perspective of the entire park, near the last century, the old-fashioned buildings scattered, interspersed with tall Indus, low shrubs interspersed with a flat layout; in the distance, Huaxi District, the new high-rise buildings Wai synthesis Irregular skyline, a new one old, one high and one low, in contrast.

  Walked along the road, red brick, roof, both sides of the house, still visible decades ago, the factory slogan - "grasp the benefits of grasping the quality of the product." House courtyard beams, creepers like the time of the hand, stroking a building and the old factory workers quarters; building aisle, the hollow cast of cement, revealing a profound sense of the times.

  Free to stroll to a place, all kinds of lathes, planer, machine standing on the road, and some waste equipment is still preserved original, bringing a unique beauty; some used equipment was painted bright colors, To witness the history, maintain the beauty of the exhibits. All of these remind visitors that you see "now" and "past" as well; what you hear is the shutter of a camera on which city people take pictures, as well as the roar of old machines in the old-fashioned assembly line.

  Involved in the transformation of waste parts assembled a new idea

  In Banqiao Art Village, there are 62 large and small industrial heritage sites of the last century. About 30% of the "old" and patchwork landscapes come from the laborers and technicians of the laborers.

  "Behind every landscape, there is actually a story," said Jiang Yongren, director of Banqiao Art Village Administrative Committee. Under his leadership, the reporter visited a very special "art" - a three-meter high "Transformers."

  "100% 'Autobots', 100% Waste Utilization!" Jiang Yongren said that one of the major businesses of the laborers is the production of automobile parts, and the "upside down" automobile parts are the workers' specialties. To assemble this big guy, the factory called 78 skilled craftsmen at the time, collected 60 large parts and several small parts, and worked hard for 15 days. "Assembled out of the effect is quite good, to play in the park to see Transformers Rushed up to see, so that everyone feels great sense of accomplishment." He told reporters.

  Now, this cohesive creative "car", on the "station" in the Itabashi art village entrance, welcomed the Quartet every day.

  At an hour or two away from "Autobots," an "old boat" is also brewing to see the audience. "Old boat" is not large, a few Chinese workers in the art company is using paint to whitewash it. Sun Yi-Yun said, "Old Boat" was built in the 70s of last century. Before the establishment of the laborer company, the workers of the former FAW Guizhou Auto Parts Factory lived in the factory, just a few kilometers away from the factory and had a fish pond. Four engineers in the factory suddenly whim, intend to make a boat to "play." As a result, it took months to research and produce a group of "car" workers who simply built the "boat" out. After the summer and fall each year, the factory workers have to take a boat, boating fish ponds, fishing excursions.

In the simple age, the workers in the third-line factories caught the joy of their own way, even if the passage of time, the story is also flowing warmth. "Later, the factory merger and reorganization move away, the boat turned into an abandoned 'old boat.' Now, the refurbished 'old boat' has become the highlight of Banqiao Art Village, be regarded as continuing to shine fever it." Sun Yi Yun said.

60 years memory of creative dream culture trip

In a few days it is 2018, just 60 years from 1958.

South of the city, a "1958" named Industrial Heritage Park, is the darling of Guiyang entertainment culture. Located in the 1958 Cultural and Creative Park in the colorful Guizhou Town of Longdongbao, it has been very active in the cultural market of Guiyang in recent years. 1958 Park, which often hosts and undertakes various kinds of music festivals, festivals and cultural activities, is already one of the places where young artists and art writers gather.

Into the park, surrounded by avant-garde modern art. Various types of architectural facilities, statues, graffiti, transfiguration windows of contemporary art. Only when the vision was peeled off from the whole, was a concrete floor, a steel window, and a huge pharmaceutical jar ... half a century ago, the industrial production site was slowly restored.

Zhang Xuanming Park staff told reporters that the predecessor of the park in 1958 is a state-owned biological pharmaceutical plant oxytetracycline production workshop. The factory was built in 1958, some of the buildings for the Sood-style building. The park covers an area of 30 acres, retaining nearly 10,000 square meters of old buildings, the use of the original abandoned machinery and equipment and other industrial elements, and contemporary contemporary performance art, close-range drama, street art, installation art, corner musical instruments and other elements combined , Forming a relatively new space order and art deconstruction. The 1958 Park effort to create a large-scale cultural performing arts brand show - "1958 Dream Tour", it is the park every weekend to be staged finale. In the mechanical relics and curved spiral pipe, Guizhou landscape and close-range magic, jiu-jitsu acrobatics, underwater performances, singing and dancing and other cross-border music fusion, live performances to Guiyang bring another look under the retro space.

  "If it is the summer summer tourism peak, the average daily weekends more than 500 people entering the weekend, and sometimes plus performances." Zhang Xuanming said the park is currently undergoing upgrading, changing business patterns, adjust the office space, the future 1958 Park will More dynamic and create a incubation base for the creative industries in Guizhou, to provide visitors with a "avant-garde experience, leisure and entertainment, visit a good place."

  The site to activate the transformation of industrial heritage road

  The construction of the third line is an important historical stage in China's economic and social development. The era leaves people with not only memory but also visible industrial heritage. Under the game of interests of all parties, how can industrial heritage escape from the fate of dismantling and embark on a more peaceful path of activation? At the beginning of this century, the four leading cities north to Guangzhou and Shenzhen took the lead in transforming a number of historic factories such as Shanghai M50 and No. 8 bridges, Beijing 798 and Shenzhen OCT OCT, which all had good demonstration effects.

Guiyang City, the old factory transformation project started later, but the progress is fast, there are different strengths in the mining of commercial value. 1958 Cultural and Creative Park, through the combination of modern performing arts and the transformation of old factories, has injected vitality into the economic value of industrial heritage. The block land has become an artist's inspirational magnetic field and an urban public cultural platform full of humanistic atmosphere and artistic charm. The Huaxi Banqiao Art Village is another way to revitalize the assets.

Geographic map from the point of view, Guiyang City, a number of formerly occupied by the old factory land, most of the real money for today's resources. Huaxi Banqiao Art Village is only 2.5 kilometers away from Huaxi District government, 5 minutes drive from University City and 7 minutes drive from Qingyan. It is self-evident that its economic value occupies an advantageous industrial heritage.

"An industrial loft-style restaurant in the park, which has recently opened its doors to business and many tourists are not coming to the park, made a special trip to enjoy the food in a retro setting." Today, more than 60 art workshops, shops, Gourmet shops and other gather Itabashi Art Village, a wealth of business forms derived from the new tourism products, the elderly can go nostalgia, young people and children can play karting and pottery production.

In order to gather popularity, in 2017, Banqiao Art Village organized more than 100 events in size and volume. Each month, there are themed art and culture salons. Every week, opera comers from all over the province come together to learn about opera art. The next step is to introduce Chinese-French cultural exchanges and exchange of art in Southeast Asia. We will also organize 480 mu of open space for various food streets, music festivals and art villages in the second phase. We will also conduct strategic planning to " When the market is mature, it can be put up for sale, combining the historical value, artistic value and economic value to build the largest art park in Guizhou with an artistic theme, "said Jiang Yongren.

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